God loves you just as much as he loves men. And you are just as important and essential to kingdom building as the men around you. It’s truth. But do you believe it?

When I was in middle school, a missionary couple came and spoke in my youth group. The wife explained her mission in that country was to let women know that God loved them just as much as he loved the men. The words she said were ground shaking for me. This was a defining moment in which I first felt empowered and liberated from societal chains as a woman.

I grew up in a healthy home and have always been told I was important. But in my heart there was this lingering belief that God didn’t really love me as much as he loved the men around me.

I was a homeschooled girl at the time. My main social interactions happened at youth group. And beginning there, I felt the struggle the church has to include women. The guys around me were encouraged in leadership positions and they had older men reaching out to them.

This can also happen for women no doubt…but it seems to occur much less often for women. For me, it left me questioning my importance to God.

I‘ve done a lot of traveling since Middle School. Everywhere I‘ve gone, I‘ve found this common underlying belief that men are more impactful, influential, and important. So they are given the opportunities. They are reached out to. They are given the most important messages. This is true in nearly every area of society. Women are put aside, forgotten, subjugated to lesser roles, while men are given the chance to lead and make a difference.

I had been feeling left out of the adventure that men are allowed to experience. The day I heard this missionary woman say that I was just as important and had just as much value as men, something changed in my heart. Her words filled me with the sweet love of Jesus and gave me hope to believe that I too could be used for the Kingdom.

As I’ve grown and experienced the Spirit of Truth, I’ve learned that women are counterparts to men. The Bible refers to women as the “help meet” which means “one who is the same as the other and who surrounds, protects, aids, helps, supports.” Woah!

Women are incredibly powerful and necessary to the body of Christ. Thank God that I am more than something pretty to look at.

Dear friends, you must know that you are just as important as men. You are just as loved. And you are so essential to your community.

I want to hear more stories from you and the women in your life. When is a time that you first felt empowered, liberated, and hopeful as a woman?


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