“The Lord is always calling us into more and more freedom.”


I am, and I have always been introverted. In college, I lived in a beautiful dorm on a mountain top. I would often sit on the porch as I drank my coffee and read magical literature. That’s the ultimate dream for an introvert. It was beautiful.

Then I made a friend who also lived on that mountain top. Kenny Bittick. He loved to hike.

I loved nature…but I had never really been hiking too much. I always sort of wanted to go hiking on the trails right outside my dorm. But I was too afraid. Why? Well first of all, I was under the impression that women should never be in the woods alone (thanks mom and dad). And second, no one had ever really shown me how to hike.

Well, Kenny took me hiking just a few times. On our hikes, we ventured off-trail, marched straight up hills, and slid straight down to the creeks. Kenny didn’t know it, but he was teaching me how to be adventurous. And he was giving me a new confidence and skill that I could use on my own.

I came alive in the woods. I was now empowered to go solo and soak up the beauty on my own. Hiking/Enjoying the woods became my greatest passion. In fact, it had always been my greatest passion, but fear kept me back.

My friend Kenny had NO idea that he was actually liberating me from fear and equipping me with a life giving tool. I could have been sitting on the porch with my coffee and been perfectly content, but there was MORE for me. The Lord always has more freedom for us. Wherever I think I am now, there are always going to be more life-giving and liberating things to experience.

I encourage the men and women who may read this, to share your passion by letting someone participate with you. It does not have to be hiking. It could be anything. Letting people participate is a way you can become an emancipator. Like Kenny, God wants to use you to bring more freedom in life into people. That’s just so cool.

We all know that men and women both need liberating in different areas. But I am specifically calling out men right now: Allow the women around you to participate with you. Teach your good friend how to skateboard, take your sister hiking, or invite some girls to hang out with you and your guy friends .

There are so many ways we can emancipate each other and be a part of the freedom that the Lord is daily calling us into.

What freedom is he calling you into today? How does he want to use you to bring freedom? Ask Him 🙂


Obligatory special shout out to Adam Downs, my boyfriend, who invites me to participate in all his passions, teaches me new skills, and always includes me with his bros. Adam, thank you, most of all, for allowing me to participate in the beauty of your heart.

**Featured Photo taken by Cristina Elena Photography and edited by Crystal Anne Photo**


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