A Feminist Holiday Gift Guide!

We love presents. We love getting presents and we love giving presents. And we especially love that perfect present that makes us run around the Christmas tree shouting “nevertheless, she persisted!” Christmas is in less then a week so if you haven’t found that perfect gift yet, look no further!

We compiled an amazing gift guide that does exactly that. We are highlighting gifts that give back to organizations we love, products designed by cool local pals of ours, and stuff that is great for self-care and encouragement! And if you wanted to get us some of the things on this list, we wouldn’t object.

Happy Holidays!

Gifts that Give Back


The Tiki Bag

We would be remiss if we didn’t start with something from our friends at Peace of Thread! If you haven’t already, check our series on their incredible work (part 1, part 2, part 3)! They sell amazing bags designed and sewn by refugee women in Clarkston. We are really into the Tiki Bag. It’s such a cute cross body bag perfect for holding all your essentials. There are many more styles and products on their website, check them out! These bags make amazing gifts and the money goes straight to employing and empowering refugee women!

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 8.09.22 PM

The Indigo Placemat and Napkin Set

This beautifully patterned placemat and napkin set comes from our friends at Ziyada. Ziyada is an organization in North India that provides meaningful employment in a safe, loving environment for people caught in the devastating cycle of extreme poverty. Their products are wonderful and feature many traditional Indian patterns. In addition to this awesome placemat set they also have quilts, pillows, and aprons, and you can buy their fabrics and yarn!



Ceramic, Hand-Painted Sisterhood Candles

These perfect little candles come from a favorite organization of ours, Preemptive Love Coalition. The candles were made one at a time by women affected by the war in Iraq. They are available in three different sizes and various patterns.

Preemptive Love provides relief to war-torn families in Iraq and Syria by delivering life-saving food, water, and medical care in areas where few other organizations dare to go. They also create jobs for those victimized by ISIS by providing them with small business grants, tools, and coaching to help them on the road to starting again. They do life-saving work that few others are willing to do, and you can support them by buying their beautiful products (they also sell wonderful soaps)!!


Gifts from Our Local Pals


Boob Banners

Free the nipple! How great are these boob banners from our friends at Cactus + Bones?? Hannah and Kaylie live in Atlanta and create cool wallhangings like these boob banners as well as weaves in various designs. Check out their Etsy shop and give them some love!



Joni Mitchell Water Color Print

Wow we love this Joni Mitchell print so much. If you know us, you know we love and aspire to be Joni. This print from our dear friend Peach or Plum is an actual dream come true. There are more prints like this one with some other favorite people of ours (think Sufjan Stevens and Nina Simone) and some fun state prints and other cool designs. She also sells mugs, greeting, cards, stickers, and more!



Kira Ikawa Whole Beans

Destroying the patriarchy takes a lot of caffeine. The Kira Ikawa roast from our pals at Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee is dark and nutty, just the way we like our coffee. Land of a Thousand Hill’s motto is “drink coffee, do good.” They are committed to investing in coffee farming villages by providing living wages, education, healthcare, and clean water while always celebrating the craft of specialty coffee. The have lots of great roast options as well as equipment for home brewing and cool t-shirts, stickers, and mugs. Check them out!


Gifts for Inspiration


Anti-Mansplaining Pencil Set

You know how men often find the need to explain things to us that we definitely did not need them to explain? Well here are some pencils with great phrases to practice the next time a man inserts himself into your conversation.



Feminist Icon Cross Stitch

Raise your hand if you love a good cross stitch! We do. Especially when it features the faces of some of our faves like Gloria Steinem, Michelle Obama, and Beyonce. Here’s a great book of feminist icon cross stitching patterns from Modcloth! Bitches get stitches (so sorry about this joke).



Women in Science 2018 Calendar

It’s about to be a new year, so it’s time for a new calendar and it should definitely be this calendar filled with a bunch of bad-ass chick scientists. Every month you’ll learn about a woman who defied the patriarchy and kicked some serious ass in the field of science. Usher in the new year with some feminist inspiration!



We hope you enjoyed this holiday gift guide! Have a blessed and marvelous holiday and give your best gals some extra love and hugs this week. 2017 was rough for women and in 2018 we fight on!

Happy Holidays from Release the Women!

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