Oh my Goddess! 5 Goddesses to Obsess Over

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with admiration for a woman that you’re quick to chirp out the expression “She is such a goddess!”? What was it about her that prompted such an exclamation? Her beauty? Her wisdom? Her tall figure? Was it some amalgamation of all the ‘best’ qualities that our culture assigns to … Continue reading Oh my Goddess! 5 Goddesses to Obsess Over

Growing Older and Embracing Change

Where did the time go?  I remember myself as this young woman in my twenties and thirties.  When I reached my forties I said, “girl, you’re getting older.” I felt unappreciative of where my life was going because I didn’t follow the traditional path of marriage and parenthood. Growing older meant that I would spend moments … Continue reading Growing Older and Embracing Change