A poem by Alex Ike

I wonder
am I the only one?
who finds more comfort under the weight of her blanket
than in the sun that is peaking through my window
asking me to come bask in it?
how do I tell the sun
that it is more of a tease
than a joy
that I think she is wonderful
I have always loved the way she invites me out
but nothing in me wants that now
am i the only one?
who aches to feel something deeply
this excitement
that i see in those around me
while I still crave the darkness
the darkness assumes nothing of me
and sees nothing in me
it meets my mind
exactly where I need it to
am I the only one?
who is still so exhausted from grief
that is crawling through
and not fully believing
this relief
of being on “the other side”
am I the only one?
who is so grateful for
This shot in my arm
for the protection from this disease
that ripped apart our world
and left us divided
eyes swollen with pain and tears
and yet
I wish the shot could also protect me
from my depression
that reminds me every morning
we have nothing to look forward to
you and I
heart and mind
reminding me: you are alone in this world
remember, the darkness will always be there for you
it will always sit
expecting nothing
I wonder,
will anyone sit in the sun with me?
and expect nothing?
but my pain?

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