~ sapphic summer reading list ~

Growing up in the Bible Belt in the early 2000s, I had very little, if any, positive representation of LGBTQ+ folks. It wasn’t until my early 20s that I encountered stories of queer young adults discovering and owning their identities, and it was nothing short of life-changing. I finally saw and understood my authentic self … Continue reading ~ sapphic summer reading list ~

The Creative Practice of Keeping an Art Journal

What is an art journal? An art journal is simply a creative space to use however you wish. It can include sketches, poetry, collages, tiny paintings, photography, mementos, scattered thoughts, dried flowers… Truly, the options are endless. It’s a place to store inspiration and try out new ideas or mediums. It can be silly or … Continue reading The Creative Practice of Keeping an Art Journal

Beneath the Surface: Interview with Simone Stevens

  "People are like the ocean, you cannot know them by their surface." -Beau Taplin Simone Stevens is a small framed professional dancer with a giggly laugh and the most joyful personality. She is  interested in anthropology and cultural backgrounds, and Simone herself has ancestors from Spain, France, and the Cherokee Native American tribe. She has been dancing since … Continue reading Beneath the Surface: Interview with Simone Stevens

Theadora: Women in Music

Theadora is effortlessly cool. She is a wonderful musician and human being with some crazy awesome hair. She just released a song on Spotify called “Paper Shores”. Her sound is fantastic, and her musical journey has been full of challenge, victory, and beauty. Thea grew up in a musical family. With her dad having a … Continue reading Theadora: Women in Music